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We are a team of professional bloggers, affiliate marketers and entrepreneurs behind this site, led by Digital Azeem and Islamuddin.

Digital Azeem


A professional blogger, Affiliate marketer, and entrepreneur, interested in  sharing his ideas about how to make money online.



A well qualified IT Professional, teacher and social media expert, creating and sharing ideas about how to grow your online business.

About Azeem


I am Azeem Mansoori (Digital Azeem). This website belongs to me.

I am a twenty yrs old guy. I am an India (U.P. West) based blogger cum online entrepreneur. Blogging transformed me into an earning entrepreneur from an ordinary student. Now I am a well-established blogger and leading a happy life.

After having success in my blogging business I have decided to help those people who plan to start blogging in the hope of earning.

 So I have started this blog to provide tips and tricks to cope with the common problems faced nowadays by many bloggers, especially newbies.

  Here, I will try to provide every sort of knowledge through articles and videos on problem-solving. And now and then interviews of well-established bloggers.

Our goals

  • To provide essential but exact knowledge to newbies who plan to start a blog.
  • To enhance the knowledge of Already working techies/bloggers.
  • Identify and improve your skills as a blogger/affiliate marketer.
  • To provide relevant information at a single spot.
  • To minimize your efforts and risk of failure of your blogging business.
  • To provide tips on “How to earn maximum from your blogs or websites?”
  • What is VistaBlogging?

    VistaBlogging is our blog about blogging and all types of monetization tools like affiliate marketing programs etc. Here, we try to provide exact information about all kinds of blogs and affiliate marketing programs in easy ways to every newbie and already working bloggers. Besides VistaBlogging we are running many other blogs successfully.

    Why VistaBlogging?

    We faced a lot of hardship and failure at the beginning of our blogging life. Also, we think that it is our social duty to prevent others from the same difficulties and loss that we faced. 

     So we planned to share our experience with you with the hope that it might guide newbies, especially them, whose main aim is earning from their blogs. So that they might start their earnings from their first blog without wasting time and money.

     As at the beginning of my blogging life, things were not so easy for me also. I faced many hardships and beard loss of money as well as my precious time.

    My early life

    I belong to a small town near Moradabad in Uttar Pradesh.

    I did my secondary and senior secondary from here.

     I am still studying in distance learning mode. 

    Since my childhood, I have a keen interest in computer technology and electronic gadgets such as mobiles, tablets, laptops, etc. 

    After school, I used to spend my time surfing the internet and playing games on the computer rather than playing physical games and sports.

    It affected my study and health badly.

    I became a dull and below-average boy at study. 

    Somehow I passed high school, but I got only average marks.

    My father wanted me to join polytechnic. I got enrolled and appeared for an entrance exam also but couldn't succeed.

    How I became a blogger

    After that, I lost interest in education at all.  I left school and started to work as a computer operator at a local mobile distributor for 4000 rupees per month. 

    I was not pleased with it, but I could do nothing else with less education and nil experience.

    My father was forcing me to Join school again. I assured him that I would continue my study in distance mode. But actually, I was getting worried about my future.

    As I was familiar with the internet, I already knew online income sources such as Youtube, websites, etc. One night I planned to try my luck in doing something online. 

    I  searched for something to be done comfortably without leaving my job. 

    My search ended with the blog at  bloggers.com, as it is free of cost, moreover needs less technical knowledge.

    I began to write and publish blogs. But it was a total waste of time. As I was able to monetize merely one of my five starting blogs soon got demonetized.

     Though I could not make money, I improved my typing and writing skills a lot and got the idea that without investing in the right things and proper knowledge, no one can achieve big earnings.  Which I had very little. 

    I decided to save my whole income from the job for the next few months. Meanwhile, I was creating content for my first professional blog.

     With the savings and borrowing from others, I bought an awesome yearly hosting plan and two domains.

     Using one domain I started my blog using content that I had already created and as soon as it got published, I began to write content for another blog. 

    Within the next six months, I got my first income from blogging, which was not so big but awesome for me.  

    I continued my Job along with blogging for some more time. When I began earning sufficient from blogging, I left the job.

    Now, I am a full-time blogger and online entrepreneur. To keep my words given to my father, I  did senior secondary in distance mode. Still, I am doing graduation in distance mode also. Along with this, I have helped many other people in establishing their blogging businesses.

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